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The first and only Arabic Virtual reality platform


VRwecare – is the first and only Arabic Virtual reality platform designed for pain and anxiety management, phobias treatment, rehab, and PTSD.

It is the result of joint effort of two partners – a Saudi Almajdouie Education and Training Company, and a US Jasoren.

In our work, we always take into account the main objectives of the ‘Vision 2030‘ program – digitalization of healthcare, popularization of tourism, and conservation and promotion of the Kingdom’s Islamic, Arab, and National heritage.
Thus, we have created a product that ideally combines our vast experience in the development of virtual reality applications, as well as knowledge of the cultural and regional characteristics of Saudi Arabia, and the GCC region.
With VR
Without VR
*Source – Hunter Hoffman, in collaboration with Todd Richards (professor of radiology), and Sam Sharar, (professor of anesthesiology), used functional MRI to assess activity in brain regions associated with pain perception.

What we treat

Immersion in a virtual environment shifts the person’s attention distracting the brain from pain.
Virtual reality applications help the patient to relax and cope with unpleasant and painful procedures more efficiently, eliminating the need for drug pain relief.
Being in the virtual world, people become more relaxed and calmly endure painful manipulations associated with suturing, treating burns, inserting a urological catheter, or repositioning dislocations.


Our Virtual reality platform includes rented hardware and software optimized for the use while sitting or lying down so that sometimes patients can use only one hand to manipulate the VR content and this will not include active movements or require large space.

All of our applications are developed to ensure safety, compliance, and an enhanced user experience that is supported by user testings and clinical researches.

Developed for Healthcare

All applications are developed for the use with one hand (left or right), in confined spaces, sitting or lying down, with the ability to choose the angle of the body lying in bed.

Developed for the Middle East

The platform and all applications were developed especially for the Middle East region, taking into account all cultural and religious specifics. The product is available in the Arabic and English versions.

Easy to use

The platform has the simplest navigation, and VR headsets work without wires or computers. No need to have any specific knowledge. Our sales team will explain how to use the platform for the first time and will be available for any questions.

Complete solution

We offer a solution that includes everything: 4K resolution virtual reality headsets, software, specialized training, and tech support in English and Arabic.


The platform has specific content suitable for patients of any gender from 4 years old - entertainment, virtual tours, nature, religion, meditation. We update and add new content every quarter.

SaaS model

It is not necessary to invest in equipment or the development of customized applications. We offer the VRwecare platform (include rented hardware and software) as a subscription service payable per year. The price depends on the number of units and the length of the contract.

We have developed our virtual reality platform with the use of the most sophisticated headsets existing on the market.
Our VR headsets feature the comfort and hygienic design of an all-PU facial interface, unique counterbalanced design for easy and extended wear with plenty of room for prescription glasses, with best in class 4K resolution, and enterprise functionality: 6 degrees of freedom, occlusion free controllers, and integrated speakers.

Use cases

Virtual reality for emergency rooms (less scary and painful for children)

In the emergency room, kids are often very scared. Here comes the VR headset, which helps distract the patient’s brain and makes them pay less attention to the painful procedure.

The study has shown that virtual reality can reduce the patient’s anxiety greatly and makes the medical procedure more relaxed and less stressful.

Our applications can be used in the departments of:
  • Pediatrics
  • Anesthesiology
  • Surgery
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Hematology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Neurosciences
  • Oncology
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Palliative Care Medicine
Virtual Reality for Pediatric Cancer Patients
Medical procedures can be scary to anyone, especially kids. Virtual reality helps reduce anxiety and pain related to cancer treatment.
Treatment of chronic pain
Military veterans turn to virtual reality to manage pain levels. When you can focus on something positive, you pay less attention to the pain.
Virtual reality is also used to treat post-traumatic stress disorders.

Clinical studies

Over 20 years of various clinical studies have shown that VR improves pain reduction, anxiety levels, and rehabilitation.